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Hollow plastic molding machine

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Hollow plastic molding machine

Hollow plastic molding machine

The mold head is the heart and brain of the multilayer co-extruding hollow plastic molding machine.The performance of the die should be able to achieve: control each layer to achieve a better condition and complete circular and lateral material distribution, can not be affected by the material distribution to process a wide range of plastic raw materials and different extrusions.Helical mandrel combination system, with high adaptability, multi-section structure up to seven layers, meets the needs of special products, is the preferred system for multi-layer co-extrusion head.Layers of the extrusion rheological design is the key in design, to be able to reach the nose is not dependent on the productivity and material distribution on viscosity of raw material, under the low extrusion has good self-cleaning function and high heat extrusion under the amount of shear, with good circular distribution in each layer, layer composite material distribution uniform, can work with wider range of plastic raw materials, different quantity and different extrusion ratio.(5) Plastic shrinkage rate and various factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of products, such as mold manufacturing and assembly error, mold wear and so on.Large multi-layer co-extruding hollow plastic molding machine adopts material storage type head, the structure is the main machine head in each layer above the head, concentric ring piston is prepared, the head and material storage cavity as a whole, so that under low pressure can realize the high speed extrusion of the blank.

The adaptability and combination of extruders are the premise to ensure the quality of hollow plastic products.Developer must first to the developed multi-layer extrusion hollow plastic molding machines processing of objects (including products, the properties of the products of each layer material and the bonding performance between the layers of material, the characteristics of tackifier) for a thorough understanding, and then design to adapt the plasticizing required material object extruder, determine the required number and types of extruder.Extrusion molding machine is usually composed of fiber arrangement device, resin groove, preforming device, mouth die and heating device, traction device and cutting equipment.Extruder should be able to adapt to different flow rate, different material plasticization, productivity should be higher than the standard extruder productivity.The structure of screw and barrel varies with the nature of the processed material.Each extrusion device should be equipped with automatic controlled quantitative feeding hopper to accurately control the feeding amount.

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