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HDPE kettle plastic pot extrusion blow molding making machine

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HDPE kettle plastic pot extrusion blow molding making machine

There are a growing number of jugs of various styles that serve a variety of purposes, including ritual bathing before prayers, helping to make green tea and a range of general uses.

How are these kettles made?

hdpe kettle

They are all produced by hollow extrusion blow molding machines. The raw material is PE plastic particles, which are melted by heating, and then plasticized by mold. In order to meet the needs of the final product, the blow molding machine has been able to meet the production needs of the product through continuous improvement.

Kettles are mainly in different shapes and colors.

Shape, we can meet the customer's requirements for the shape through the design of the mold.

Color, by changing the extrusion system of the hollow extruder and the addition of color masterbatch, to meet the color needs.

For example: if it is black alone, we will add black masterbatch to the PE raw material, if it is green, use green masterbatch, and so on.

hdpe kettle mould

If a kettle has two colors and three colors, we will customize the equipment and use multiple extrusion systems to produce it to meet the multi-color production requirements.

Please contact us if you need to produce this type of kettle. We will provide customized solutions according to your kettle.


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