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Full automatic extrusion blow molding machine price

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1. Application for fully automatic blow molding machine

The production scope of the automatic blow molding machine includes various barrels, bottle warning posts, plastic barrels, roadblocks, septic tanks, kayaks, double-ring barrels, trays, solar liners, mobile toilets, desktop boards, floats, and medical bedsides. , Blowing of IBC barrels and so on.


2.Work flow of fully automatic blow molding machine

The plastic products are preheated first, the blow molding material is added to the extruder to melt, and a thin-walled round blank with closed ends is formed through the ring-shaped hole, and then compressed air is introduced to blow it to the required thickness And width.


When the plastic and the hopper enter the extruder barrel, as the screw rotates, they are forced to the direction of the machine head by the screw thread. Due to the resistance of the filter screen, the splitter plate, and the die of the machine head, and the gradual reduction of the volume between the screw threads, the advancing material is greatly resisted, and at the same time, it is heated by the heat introduced by the barrel; on the other hand; , When plastic is subjected to compression, shearing, stirring and other forces in motion, the friction between the barrel and the screw and the friction between the plastic molecules will generate a lot of heat.


The temperature of the plastic in the barrel continues to rise, and its physical state gradually changes from a glass state to a highly elastic state, and finally becomes a viscous fluid state, and further completely plasticizes. The screw rotates continuously to remove the plasticized plastic from the machine head. Extrusion in the die, the product at this time has a certain shape, after the cold zone shaping, the blow molding work is completed.

multilayer screw

3.Full automatic extrusion blow molding machine price

The price of the fully automatic extrusion blow molding machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions. Different equipment specifications, production uses, and manufacturers will bring a large price difference for the fully automatic blow molding machine, which is reasonable Existing situations, if you want to know the price of a specific hollow blow molding machine, please feel free to contact us.





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