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Full automatic PET stretch blow molding machine advantage

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-15      Origin: Site Inquire

Full automatic PET stretch blow molding machine is widely adopted in PET water bottle, hot-filled bottle, beverage bottle with gas, edible oil bottle and pesticide bottle. The liner stretch PET bottle blowing machine stretches the bottle preforms by the servo motor control stretching rod.


The advantage are that the bottle preforms can be stretched in sections, and the positioning of bottle preforms is advanced to ensure the verticality of the bottle preforms during the stretch, and then the second stretching is carried out. Ensure the uniformity and consistency of each bottle preform stretching.

 pet bottle blow machine (3)

1. The PET stretch bottle blowing machine has a high speed running, accurate positing, adopting advanced micro-computer PLC control system and then make it more stable.

2. All producing and technology process are automatically fulfilled with character of cost saving, high efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, safety etc.

3. Servo transmission system, high positioning accuracy, fast and stable reliability.

4. Suitable for a small number of flexible production, and it is applicable to a wide range and meets the needs of customer’s demand.

5. Energy saving system is improved and cycle time is shorted, and then increase the output capacity.

6. The operation mode includes manual and automatic mode, the human-computer interface control operation are very simple.

7. Each mechanical action is with safety self-locking device. When a process fails, the program shall automatically revert to the safety state.

8. Compared with traditional type, the heat and noise are reduced lot.


The rate of bottle forming scrap of this liner stretch PET blow molding machine is lower than 0.2%.

Our liner bottle blowing machine adopts servo control system, which has advantage of stable structure, high speed and stable, simple maintenance, flexible and convenient matching, which can meet the needs of continuous automatic miner water making. Our PET stretch blow molding machine uses microcomputer touch screen control and temperature adjustment, which makes the temperature adjustment of different bottle types become easy to be blown, such as PET jar blowing machine, full automatic mineral water bottle making machine and other various PET bottle blowing machine.

Of course our PET liner stretch blow molding machine can produce other PET bottles such as edible oil PET bottle, nut jar, spray bottle, cosmetic bottle, medical bottle, soy sauce bottle etc..
In next files, we shall introduce more details regarding our PET stretch blow molding machine for your reference.

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