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Filling machine 3 in 1

Views: 0     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 07-08-2021      Origin: Huan Machinery

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Filling machine 3 in 1

At present, the Trinity filling machine is the most popular filling machine. It combines bottle washing, bottle filling and capping into one. It has the characteristics of high production output, space saving, cost reduction, simplicity and convenience, cleanness and sanitation.

According to different materials, the production process is slightly different. Here are some reference workflows.


1.After the container is cleaned by the bottle washer, it enters the bottle washer for flipping and rinsing.

2. The rinsed container is dried or sterilized due to different product requirements. (For different industries)

3. The processed container reaches the bottom of the filling head for quantitative filling. (The filling method used is different according to the material, the conventional liquid material is filled with direct current, the paste material is filled with pressure, and the powder is measured with screw , Granules are measured with a measuring cup. Gas-containing materials are filled with negative pressure.)

4. The filled material is capped by a capping machine. (Depending on the cap, it can also be capped by vacuum, or directly capped or capped or crimped, etc.)

5. The products after screwing are treated differently due to the subsequent process. Generally, they need to be labeled or sleeved.

6.The last is the identification equipment of the production date or batch number of the product.

7. Finished product output.


This machine combines the three functions of washing, filling and capping in one body, and realizes automatic filling in the whole process. It is suitable for filling mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles and plastic bottles. The adjustment of the applicable bottle shape of each part is realized by rotating the handle, which is easy and convenient. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. This machine adopts advanced OMRON Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain adopts frequency converter to adjust the speed, and cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. The photoelectricity detects the operation status of each component, so the degree of automation is high and the operation is simple. The bottle washing adopts four independently controlled double (single) row high-pressure spray systems, the disinfectant is recycled, and there are many options for the rinsing fluid to be discharged.


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