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Extrusion blow molding machine for child toy

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toy-blow-machineMany children's plastic toys are blow-molded, such as ocean balls, wooden horses, motorcycles, slides, and seats. Toys made by blow molding process are different from rotomolding, the difference lies in:

1. The toys made by blow molding process are more delicate and smooth, suitable for children to play;

2. The shape of the blow molding can be diversified, and all kinds of abnormal shapes are not a problem;

3. Blow molding is suitable for relatively small and delicate toy products.


Our company provides a variety of hollow blow molding equipment, including storage cylinder die head, continuous die head, up-blowing, down-blowing, flat-plate opening and closing molds, curved arm opening and closing molds, single-layer, multi-layer, and single-color , Multi-color, different forms to meet the different needs of different products.

We are equipped with a series of auxiliary equipment such as molds, chillers, feeders, air compressors, color mixers, conveyor belts, and leak detection.



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