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Extrusion blow molding machine for IBC tank

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-08      Origin: Site Inquire

The IBC barrel is a medium-sized bulk container. It is one of the necessary tools for the transportation of liquid products in modern storage. The IBC barrel is mainly a hollow blow molding process. After the raw material is extruded, the plasticized parison is blown in the mold. Expand into a product, then cool, and take out the product.

The main raw materials of IBC barrels are PP, ABS, PC, etc. Its products are mainly used in various industrial products such as packaging barrels for various chemical products, automobile fuel tanks, automobile ventilation pipe fittings, and desktop boards.

Our HUAN MACHINERY hollow extrusion blow molding machine adopts foam layer technology for production, and the inner wall of the output equipment is more stable, which can extend the service life of the product. At the same time, the die of the blow molding machine adopts an electromagnetic induction heater to fully heat and shorten the heating time, which can be reduced by more than half Energy consumption, improve the surface temperature of blow molding equipment.

ibc tank machinery

We mainly produce fully automatic hollow extrusion blow molding machines, which can produce blow molding products with a capacity of 100L-20000L and a number of layers of 1-8.

Hollow blow molding machine equipment can be used to produce warning posts, plastic barrels, roadblocks, septic tanks, kayaks, double-ring barrels, pallets, solar tanks, mobile toilets, desktop boards, floating buckets, medical bedsides, IBC buckets, etc. Kind of plastic products.


We can supply the whole production line for ibc tank.

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