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Electromagnetic induction sealing machine

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Traditional medicine, food, chemical, biochemical pesticides and other bottles are sealed with wooden stoppers, rubber stoppers and wax seals, which have poor sealing performance and are easily affected by moisture and air leakage due to environmental influences. The disadvantages of traditional sealing are eliminated.

Electromagnetic induction sealing machine

How does the electromagnetic induction sealing machine seal? The eddy current magnetic field is generated when electromagnetism is in contact with the metal material, which causes the metal material to heat up instantaneously to achieve the practical purpose of magnetocaloric conversion. Based on the above principle, the electromagnetic induction sealing machine seals the bottled container with aluminum foil gasket (special consumables attached with metal aluminum) in the bottle cap. When the bottled container passes through the magnetic induction area of the sealing machine, the aluminum foil gasket in the lid The sheet will be recognized by induction, and the metal aluminum attached to the gasket will instantly become hot, and the adhesive layer on the gasket will be melted to the mouth of the bottle and integrated, so as to achieve the purpose of beautiful and firm product sealing.


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