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Daily maintenance of hollow extrusion blow molding machine

Views: 33     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-05-14      Origin: Huan Machinery

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Daily maintenance of hollow extrusion blow molding machine

Daily maintenance of hollow extrusion blow molding machine

The hollow blow molding machine can maintain normal operation and is inseparable from daily maintenance.


1. Check the cylinder pressure and raw material purity every day, check whether the temperature system and search engine are operating normally, avoid leakage and power failure accidents, and make preventive inspections. This is a more important point for the maintenance of the hollow blow molding machine.


2. The operator of the hollow blow molding machine must be specially trained, and the operator must use the equipment in strict accordance with the operation process of the hollow blow molding machine.


3. The blow molding machine is mainly composed of various accessories, so some common accessories should be lubricated, dust cleaned, and parts replaced.

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4. The operator should align the nozzle and the material inlet of the equipment to avoid damage to the heating wire and heating film, and waste of raw materials.


5. Check the various pipelines to see if they are unblocked, and repair the leaking and blocked parts.

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6. Check and correct the screw and barrel for abrasion. If the degree of abrasion is small, you can use oilstone or gauze for grinding, and record the measured dimensions of the two.


7. If you encounter an emergency, press the emergency button immediately, conduct investigation according to the on-site situation, find the problem and solve it.


8. Before each operation of the machine, check whether the various parts are firm and whether the screws are loose or slipped off.


9. When the machine is started, check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and prevent accidents.


10. When the machine is running, start the motor first, and delay 30S to start the heating machine to prevent voltage fluctuations. Check whether the cooling water is turned on before heating.

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