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Common plastic molding process characteristics

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Common plastic molding process characteristics

Common plastic molding process characteristics

The characteristics of plastic molding process has always been one of the issues that many people are concerned about. Only by understanding the characteristics of the process can we choose the suitable application range. This paper will focus on the characteristics of the steam plastic molding process as the theme, and take plastic products as the entrance to introduce what plastic products are, the production process of plastic products and the characteristics of plastic production process.

60L machine

I What are plastic products

Plastic products are made of plastic through polycondensation polymerization and polymer compounds, through adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, color additives combination. It, together with synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, has become the three indispensable synthetic materials in modern daily life.

The raw materials of plastic products are also divided into natural rubber and synthetic resin two kinds, two kinds of raw materials to produce plastic products need to add a variety of synthetic agents, and then in a certain temperature and pressure conditions through the plastic blowing machine, extrusion mechanism into a certain shape at room temperature shape unchanged plastic products.

Plastic is a relatively light material, foaming plastics have micropores, light texture can be applied in the water, plastic has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali chemicals, high stability is an ideal corrosion resistant material, and ordinary plastic is less than the point, surface resistance volume resistance, so in the electronic industry and mechanical and chemical industry have this wide application.

die head

II Production process of plastic products

The production of plastic products includes four continuous processes of plastic molding, mechanical processing, decoration and assembly, plastic molding is one of the key plastic processing, plastic molding methods have injection molding, extrusion molding hollow blow molding, pressing molding, four kinds of processing characteristics of the four processes are different, need to choose according to the type of equipment produced at that time.

1, injection molding, also known as injection molding, is the use of the injection machine will melt plastic into the mold quickly, and solidified to get a variety of plastic products.

2, extrusion molding method is the use of screw rotation pressure, continuous plastic will be molded into the mold, through a certain shape of the mouth die, to get the shape of the plastic profile appropriate to the shape of the mouth die.

3, hollow blow molding, from the extruder is still in the softening state of tubular thermoplastic billet into the molding mold, through compressed air, the use of air pressure to make the billet deformation along the mold cavity, so as to blow into middle agricultural products, is a common blow molding method.

4, pressing forming, also known as compression forming, pressure molding, molding, etc., is the solid granular material or prefabricated sheet into the mold, through heating and pressure method, so that it softens and melts, and under the action of pressure full cavity, curing plastic parts method.

ibc tank blow machine

                                                                              ibc tank blow molding machine

III Plastic production process characteristics

In the above article, we introduce the production process of four kinds of plastic products. In this article, we commonly use three kinds of injection molding, extrusion molding, hollow blow molding to introduce what their respective process characteristics.

1, injection molding, injection type billet, tube billet temperature is the key, the temperature is too high, molten viscosity is low and easy to deformation, so that the tube billet in the transfer of uneven thickness phenomenon, affecting the quality of blow molding products; The temperature is too low, the product often has more internal stress, easy to deformation and stress rupture in use. In order to select the die temperature according to the requirements, the die oil temperature regulator is often configured, which is controlled by the digital temperature controller with high precision.

2, extrusion blow molding, extrusion blow molding process is generally and four stages, the molten hollow pipe type billet or preformed billet into the middle of two half mold mold around the type of billet began to close, is still in the molten state of the type of billet is clamped, with the molten billet blown to the cold mold surface of the compressed air. When the product is cooled and shaped, open the mold and push out the molded product. Trim excess flyers from work. Trim the excess fly-edge from the product, mix well, and form a tubular blank. Several articles can be alternated in the same machine at the same time.

3, hollow blow molding is the extrusion from the extruder, still in the softening state of tubular thermoplastic billet into the molding mold, and then through the compressed air, the use of air pressure to make the billet deformation along the mold cavity, so as to blow into a short neck hollow products, is the third most commonly used plastic processing method, but also a fast developing plastic molding method. Blow mold only Yin mold, compared with injection molding, equipment cost is low, strong adaptability, good molding performance, with complex ups and downs of the product.

The above is about the plastic molding process of the big inventory, I hope the article to help you.

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