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Blow mould maintenance precautions

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Blow mould maintenance precautions

Blow mold maintenance is one of the daily things to do in the process of mold use.

In the use of blow molds, it is inevitable to produce some wear and tear. In the maintenance of blow molds, trained technicians are required to operate them. They are familiar with the technical standards of blow molds in the operation process.

Today, we will share the maintenance considerations of blow mold.

extrusion blow molding machine small

1. The sliding parts, such as core-pulling mechanism and guiding device, should be thoroughly cleaned and carefully checked. Re-lubricate with high temperature grease before assembly.

2. If there is hydraulic core-pulling, the hydraulic part should be maintained and maintained at the same time as the blow mold. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the hydraulic part to prevent pollution, otherwise it will pollute the whole hydraulic system of the die casting machine.

3. When the mold fails or is damaged in the production engineering, the repair plan should be determined according to the specific situation.

30L hdpe drum mould

4. To complete the maintenance of the blow molding mold, rust prevention treatment should be done on the forming surface, parting surface and installation surface, and the mold should be closed and fixed. According to the installation direction of the mold on the machine, it should be placed on the backing plate. The mould attachment is placed with the blow mould.

5, to thoroughly clean the residual metal chips and scale everywhere blow mold.

6. With reference to the blow molding products sent for repair together with the blow molding, carefully check the problems existing in the mold. You can check from the following aspects:

There is no strain, mold sticking, small core bending or breaking, movable core insertion positioning is not correct, there is no broken push rod or push rod length change, there is no insert positioning is not correct, there is no loosening of fastening bolts, etc. According to the damage, determine the repair or replacement.


7. The cavity collapse, crack and falling block that lead to slight strain of the casting can be repaired by local welding. The welding repair should be operated strictly according to the welding repair process, otherwise the life of a lot of blow mold will be lost. The above faults of smaller molded parts will be more serious or even die damage.

In order to save costs, many manufacturers do not have a separate mold manufacturing department. There may only be a mold maintenance department, but generally only simple mold maintenance and daily maintenance work. The design, manufacture and modification of molds are all in the charge of other cooperative factories. So the quality of the mold can not be guaranteed. Molds are more likely to have problems. In case of mold problems, the maintenance department can not repair by itself, but can only repair through cooperative manufacturers, which will bring more losses.

Huan Machinery has its own technical team. Moreover, the blow moulds of Yancang are independently designed and produced by experienced engineers, and the quality and performance of blow moulds are reliable. In the case of problems, our engineers can quickly and accurately find the problem and provide repair services. Reduce labor cost, production cost, improve the efficiency of the production department.

toy mould

And to that, one more thing. The role of the mold in the blow molding machine is also crucial. In addition to the performance of the blow molding machine itself, the performance of the blow molding mold also directly affects the quality of the blow molding product. Therefore, the maintenance of blow molds should consider all aspects comprehensively and take a high maintenance method.

Blow mold maintenance precautions to share here.

I hope it helps.

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