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Basic composition of extrusion blow molding machine

Views: 0     Author: HUAN Machinery     Publish Time: 08-12-2022      Origin: HUAN Machinery

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Extrusion molding machine is one of the main equipments for the processing and production of plastic products. HUAN Machinery will introduce the basic composition of the extrusion blow molding machine through this article.

Extrusion blow molding machine is mainly composed of extruder, machine head, clamping device, blowing device, hydraulic transmission device, heating and cooling control system and electrical control system and other parts.

blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine is composed of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, gas circuit, water circuit and other parts. These four parts can be divided into two parts, namely: mechanical device part and electrical system control part.

The mechanical device of the extrusion blow molding machine includes: the extrusion device, that is, the screw extruder, the head, the mold shifting device, the opening and closing mechanism, the blowing device, the cutter device, the pneumatic device, and the cooling device.
Extrusion device and die head: extrude the molten raw material through the machine head;

Mold moving device: control and stabilize the moving process of the mold;

Mold opening and closing mechanism: control the opening and closing of the mold;

Air blowing device: After the raw material enters the mold, the air blowing device will rise, blow compressed gas into the inside of the parison, and automatically descend after completion;

Cutter device: After the parison is extruded, cut off the excess parison outside the mold, and the product can be taken out after the product is formed;

Pneumatic device: used for the operation of the cylinder and the molding of the product;

Cooling device: for the cooling of the mold, barrel, and other parts of the equipment, the cooling device of the extrusion blow molding machine adopts the cooling water method for cooling;
The electrical control part of extrusion hollow molding machine includes: electrical transmission control system of extruder, oil pump motor transmission control system, heating and temperature control system of nose and extruder, action program control system and man-machine interface control system.
The electrical control system of each part of the extrusion hollow molding machine is the relevant operation control of the corresponding parts or the process process respectively.

The basic composition structure of the extrusion hollow molding machine determines that the production effect of the equipment is more advantageous than that of other hollow molding machine equipment, so that the working principle of the hollow molding machine can operate stably. High production efficiency, stable operation of equipment, accurate system control, low energy consumption, low production cost. The basic composition of the extrusion hollow blow molding machine, as well as the role of each component, is the above HUAN Machinery to you.

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