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Application of multilayer Coex hollow plastic products in food packaging industry

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Application of multilayer Coex hollow plastic products in food packaging industry

co extrusion machine food

Although glass bottle is a permanent impermeable container, it is not limited by 84 disinfectant and sterile disinfectant. However, the co extrusion blow molding multi-layer bottle is not easy to break and can be extruded and blowed, light in weight, also has good impermeability; it can be freely designed with multi-layer structures and with different capacities, specifications and complex shapes, and the combination mode and thickness of each layer can be determined independently. so it is an ideal food and beverage packaging product. It can be applied for tomato sauce, vegetable oil, jam, canned milk, orange juice, carbonated drinks, beer and other packaging and etc.

EVOH PA multi-layer bottle

Multi layer co extrusion bottle products are used in food packaging industry, which are composed of five-layer combination. Bottles with EVOH or PA as impermeable layer have low humidity sensitivity and can be used for food packaging.

Because the fresh-keeping period of food is short, if single-layer plastic products are used, the quality guarantee period can only be up to 3 months. If multilayer barrier is used to reduce the oxygen permeability, the quality guarantee life of the product can reach two years or even longer.

4 layer bottle profile

Our multi-layer extrusion blow molding machine can produce 5 ml to 30 l multi-layer blow molding products. Our coextrusion hollow blow molding machine is composed of multi extrusion system, hydraulic system, clamping system and electrical system. We have more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing, processing and assembling for die head system. Our machines are gradually optimized in safety, energy saving and other aspects. We can provide full automatic whole line production solution according to clients' specific requirements.


At present, our multi-layer extrusion blow molding equipment has a good share in the world market, and the feedback from customers is good.


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