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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding kayak!

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding kayak!

Kayaking is a popular water sport, and most of the kayaks we use on a daily basis are produced by blow molding and rotomolding. This article will discuss and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding kayaks.

kayak blow molding

Today, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding kayaks.

I Plastic kayak applicaiton

The blow-molded kayak has simple control, flexible operation and simple structure; the kayak is relatively light; it provides convenience for water sports enthusiasts. The material of the product is light and labor-saving, the color is bright, not easy to be dirty, easy to clean, long-term use does not fade, has good stability, easy to operate, suitable for all water sports, can be used in sea bathing beaches, large water parks, swimming pools and other waters, is also a leather Preferred device for rowing enthusiasts.

kayak blow molding

II The production method of the kayak

Blow-molded kayaks are mostly produced by blow molding with hollow blow molding machines. Basically, resin is used as raw material, and PE resin is used for extrusion blow molding of plastic embryos. The process firstly measures the plastic resin and some auxiliary materials, such as color masterbatch, according to the formula requirements. Then mix them together, stir evenly, put them into a plastic extruder to plasticize and melt, extrude a tubular parison from the molding die, and then immediately place it in the mold cavity of the molded product, blow in compressed air, and inflate the parison , After cooling and setting, the product is exactly the same as the mold cavity.

kayak blow molding

Kayak blow molding

III Kayak production process

The process of blow molding a kayak is an automatic action process. First, the granular plastic fully mixed with the color masterbatch enters the barrel from the feeding port, and the plastic is heated and melted by the extruder into a molten material fluid. After extrusion The system is plasticized and mixed, and the molten material is extruded from the die at a certain flow and pressure to form a parison; then when the parison reaches the specified length, the blow mold is closed, and the cutter action cuts the parison; The parison is inflated by compressed air at a certain pressure through the air inlet on the mold; the pressure in the mold cavity is maintained, so that the product is in close contact with the inner surface of the mold, then cooled and shaped, and the mold is opened to take out the product; the final step is to trim the fly. side to get the finished product. Among them, the up and down movements of moving the mold, opening and closing the mold and blowing needles are driven by hydraulic valves, and the blowing movements are driven by pneumatic valves.

IV Advantages of blow molding kayak

It can be analyzed from two aspects of material and structure.

Materials, currently the kayaks in the market are mainly divided into two types: inflatable kayaks and blow molded kayaks. Blow molded kayaks are made of HDPE plastic by blow molding process.

Structure, the structure of blow-molded kayak is relatively simple; the product parts are double-walled, and the strength is relatively strong, which can withstand the strength of the kayak when it is hit. In terms of technology: blow molding kayak is an extruder that extrudes the plastic melt into a hollow and then puts it on the mold, and the hollow melt is expanded and formed with compressed air.

From these two aspects, it can be seen that blow-molded kayak has the advantages of high quality, low price, easy handling and storage. In addition, the color of blow-molded kayak will not fade for a long time, and it is resistant to acid, alkali and storage High temperature, resistance to freezing, the anti-collision effect under the hollow structure is also better, the overall material of the product is seamless, convenient and cost-effective.

kayak mould

V Disadvantages of blow molding kayak

Blow-molded kayak also has disadvantages, such as simple function; surface appearance is not very beautiful; product grade looks lower grade are its obvious shortcomings.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding kayak.If you have more interest,please feel free to contact us.


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