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These articles are all highly relevant plastic products. I believe this information can help you understand plastic products's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Problems of plastic blow molding machine products

    Problems and reasons of blow molding machine productsAs a plastic product producer, the blow molding machine sprays out liquid plastic, and uses the wind generated by the machine to blow the sprayed plastic onto a mold cavity with a specific shape, and cools it to form the product to be produced. Th

  • Notes on carbonization of plastic products

    1 Temperature and time controlThe processing temperature of plastic products is determined according to the requirements of raw materials and plasticization of products, and can not be too high or too low. Too low temperature will lead to too much load, but also the appearance of the product water...

  • What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products?

    What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products? The importance of blow molding equipment to industrial production is self-evident. A large number of plastic products are made by blow molding. The more common blow molding methods include extrusion molding. The problem of poor produc

  • Continuous innovation of plastic products  

    Due to a series of advantages of plastic products such as portability, fall resistance and compression resistance, plastic products are more and more widely used in all walks of life, and the types of plastic products are more and more. In order to increase market share, product manufacturers impro