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What is the process of blow moulding?

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What is the process of blow moulding?

What is the process of blow moulding?

Hollow blow molding machine is a kind of extrusion or injection molding of thermoplastic resin or plastic, and then obtain the tubular plastic parison, which is placed in the split mold after being heated to a softened state. After the mold closing mechanism drives the mold to close, immediately Compressed air is passed into the parison to inflate the plastic parison and adhere to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling, the mold is released to make various hollow products.

extrusion blow molding machine

The process of extrusion blow molding generally includes the following 6 steps:

1. The extruder melts the plastic raw materials and shapes the melt delivered to the die into a tubular parison.

2. After the parison is transferred to the set length, the clamping mechanism closes the blow mold and clamps the plastic parison between the two mold halves.

3. Inject compressed air into the plastic parison through the blow hole to inflate the parison to make it close to the mold cavity.

extrusion blow molding machine

4. Forming and waiting for cooling and finalization.

5. The mold is opened, and the cooled product is taken out;

6. Modification of products, and recycling of side waste for reuse.

extrusion blow molding machine factory

Zhangjiagang Huan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fully automatic blow molding machine equipment. The blow molding machine produced by Huan Machinery can be used to produce various blow molding products. The raw materials are PE, PP, PVC, PETG, PS, EVA, EVOH, ABS, TPV, etc., and can produce various types from 5 ml to 3000 liters. Hollow products such as plastic bottles, barrels, cans, oil shells, tool cases, automotive special-shaped hollow parts, medical equipment, transportation facilities, large desktop boards, large trays, etc. The products are sold at home and abroad, and are well received by customers.

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