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PET juice bottle

Views: 0     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-08-05      Origin: Huan Machinery

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PET juice bottle

Juice bottles generally need to be hot-filled. Hot-filling is to heat the juice to above 80 degrees. This temperature can kill bacteria and ensure the health and safety of the juice. Therefore, if it is a regular bottle, it will inevitably be hot and deformed. Therefore, the bottle needs special treatment to make the bottle resistant to high temperature. Therefore, the conventional blow molding machine and the juice bottle blow molding machine are also very different.

pet bottle producing

The conventional bottle is blown in two stages, the first is low-pressure pre-blowing, and then the high-pressure shaping blows so that a bottle can be formed, but it can only be cold-filled and cannot withstand high temperatures. The high-temperature-resistant blow molding machine has a third Blowing. Normally, the first two blowings are finished and the third blowing is carried out. The third blowing is high-pressure and strong cold air blowing, and high temperature resistance. The mold of your blowing machine must be made of stainless steel because the mold needs to be connected to high temperature heat. For oil, the mold needs to be heated up, and the temperature should generally be around 150 degrees.

The third is the sub-zero high-pressure air-conditioning. When encountering a high-temperature mold, the bottle will crystallize instantly (in general, it is scorched) so that the bottle can withstand the high temperature.

Conventional bottle molds use aluminum materials, and the mold is connected with cooling water to cool the mold, and high temperature resistant hot oil is used to heat the mold.

Extra high speed PET stretch blow molding machine

The juice bottle blowing machine is upgraded on the conventional machine, and the auxiliary machine specifications are higher than the conventional machine, and the cost will be much higher. Juice bottle PET blow molding machine can also produce regular bottles.

pet blowing process

This machine has very high requirements on the air compressor, and it needs to be used in the 40 kg class. In addition, two mold temperature controllers are needed, one for the bottom film of the mold and the other for the cavity of the mold.

The output of juice blowing machine is very low. Generally speaking, the output of four-cavity juice blowing machine is 2500 pieces per hour, and the output of six-cavity juice blowing machine is 3000 pieces per hour.