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Introduction and distinction of extrusion blow molding machine

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Introduction and distinction of extrusion blow molding machine

Introduction and distinction of extrusion blow molding machine

HUAN Machinery Have introduced the classification of hollow blowing machine, can be divided into injection blowing machine, extrusion blowing machine. Today I will share with you the classification and difference of extrusion blow molding machine. The classification of extrusion blow molding machine is based on the different feeding methods, which is divided into two types: continuous extrusion blow molding machine and intermittent extrusion blow molding machine. In the following content, we will introduce each type of device and the differences between them.

Blow molding machine die head

1. Continuous extrusion of hollow plastic blowing machine

The discharge method is the extruder continuously extruding the plastic tubular embryo. Advantages are: the molding equipment is simple, easy to operate. The production process of continuous extrusion blow molding method has reciprocating, rotation output type and rotary type. Reciprocating continuous extrusion The hollow blowing machine is continuously extruded by the extruder. When the blank is long enough, the mold will be moved from the cooling station of the blowing machine to the bottom of the head, holding the blank, and then return to the blowing station. Rotation and discharge type continuous extrusion blow molding machine more than a step, this step is to control the flow of the melt, the need to use the reversing valve at the front end of the extruder to control, the melt according to the sequence through the billet head on both sides of the extruder extrusion billet, to achieve continuous production. Rotable continuous extrusion blow molding machine extruder continuous extrusion billet, type of the mold into the mold and is clamped, around the turntable axis in turn to the blowing, cooling, open mold and remove products and other stations.

60L machine

2. Intermittent extrusion blow molding machine

Intermittent extrusion blow molding machine, also known as storage type hollow blowing machine. Is the extruder constantly will melt plasticized plastic embryo into a storage cavity, the amount of extrusion is determined according to the amount of raw materials needed for the production of a product. When the material in the storage chamber reaches the required quantity, the mold will close the die and take the next step of forming. The advantages of intermittent extrusion blow molding machine lie in the stable discharge, fast feeding, easy to control the product processing and production process, especially suitable for the production of large plastic blowing products.

mould plate

HUAN Machinery is a equipment manufacturer focusing on the production of large hollow blowing molding machine. The equipment supports the production of plastic tray, IBC ton bucket, double ring bucket, large plastic water tank bucket, solar inner tank, mobile toilet, septic tank, plastic table board, kayaks, etc. Equipment using IKV screw, electromagnetic induction heating, infrared heating, can quickly and effectively complete the heating melting of raw materials; stable extruder equipment, ensure the stable and uniform of raw materials transportation, pressurized cylinder, ensure the strong mode locking force...... Whether the equipment needs or need technical support, you can consult our HUAN Machinery customer service online, or go to the official website of HUAN Machinery hollow blowing machine to obtain relevant product and technical information. About the extrusion of hollow blowing machine classification and other, Deman Machinery introduced here. Welcome, continue to pay attention to HUAN Machinery, we will provide more technical introduction about hollow blowing machine.

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