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Plastic 1000L IBC tank container water tank blow molding machine production line

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IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

It is 1000L accumulating type extrusion blow molding machine BSM135Z-1000L machine for producing HDPE, PP, PVC max.1000L plastic products, like 1000l water tank ,IBC tank ,hdpe bottle,  jerrycan, can,container, motor oil drum or engine oil drum, and plastic jar. Quick extrusion, stable running, easy operation and mature technology.

ibc blowing lineIBC tank

Model BSM135Z-1000L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Fininshed Product
IBC tank,water tank,ibc tote
Max. product volume 1000L
Plastic material HDPE
Head No. Single
Multi-extrusion layer possible 1-3 layer
Auxiliary equipments blow mould, mixer, vacuum auto-loader, dryer, crusher, water & fans chiller, air compressor, conveyor system for deflashing parts, conveyor system for finished product delivery, leakage tester…


1. The machine is high speed, high quality. The clamping system is with nether bending arm type. It can make sure the clamping force to be enough.

2. The machine is with 100 point parison control system and with one set of seperate oil tank system for MOO system.

3. The machine is with MITSUBISHI PLC and SIMENS operation screen.

4. The machine is with FESTO pneumatic parts.

5. The machine is with YUKEN hydraulic pump and valves.


auto screw valve machine

IBC Tank Metal Frame Production Line

Used for the production of IBC ton barrel frame. The production process includes welding from galvanized pipe to frame mesh, bending of the outer frame, riveting of both ends of the mesh frame after bending, flattening and punching of the connection between the bottom pipe and the bottom plate, and welding of the bottom steel foot with steel foot as the bottom support. Frame mesh welding machine adopts intermediate frequency inverter welding resistance controller, has the advantages of fast welding speed, large current, good penetration and so on, suitable for welding IBC frame mesh galvanized ribbed crescent pipe, galvanized ribbed square pipe and other materials, and achieve excellent welding strength and welding spot appearance; The mesh at the end of welding can be stacked by manual handling or manipulator automatic unloading form to the mesh stacking car transport to the next process; Welding line selection of pneumatic manipulator and conveyor belt to achieve automatic mesh feeding, reversal, bending, locking, flattening punching and conveying.


tank into frame


IBC tank application