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What should I do if there are wrinkles on the surface of plastic products?

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During the production process of blow molding machinery, there may be wrinkles on the surface of plastic products. This situation is caused by the failure of the parts and should not be ignored. Which faults cause wrinkles on the surface of plastic products, and how to solve them?

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I the film thickness is not uniform

1. Check the gap of the die head to see if the material is uniform. If it is not uniform, it should be adjusted evenly;

2. Check the cooling air ring to see if it is concentric with the die head and whether the air volume at the outlet is uniform. If not, adjust it.


II The temperature of the die head is different from the temperature of the melt.

Adjust the die temperature or melt temperature to be similar or the same.

III The membrane tube is uneven or asymmetric

1. Adjust the gap of the die head to make the material discharge uniform, the cooling air ring and the die head are concentric, and the air volume at the outlet of the cooling air ring is uniform, in order to obtain a uniform and symmetrical film tube and uniform film thickness.

2. Adjust the melt temperature to make it close to the temperature of the die, in order to obtain the most uniform film tube and film thickness.

IV the cooling line is too high

1. Increase the cooling air volume and reduce the cooling air temperature.

2. Reduce the extrusion volume and reduce the pulling speed.

3. It is possible to reduce the melt temperature within the possible range.

开合模 4层双工位80FD

V Uneven pressure between clamps

1. Check the clamping stick to see if the pressure of the spring or piston and air pressure is uniform.

2. Check whether the clamp shaft is parallel.

3. Check whether the clamping stick is eccentric.

4. Check whether the rubber of the clip stick is worn.

VI. The cooling line is too low, and the discharging or pulling speed is too slow

1. Reduce the cooling air volume or increase the melt temperature.

2. Increase the screw speed to increase the discharge.


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